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Important NoticeMessage from the Thorne Fire Chief  


Important Message from your Fire Department

The Thorne Volunteer Fire department was established in 1971.



The dedicated members of the volunteer fire department are:


Denis Chaussé

Chief of Operations:

Richard Leders

Deputy Chief:

Brent Krose


Laynard Pasch


Karen Kelly

1st Lieutenant

Christopher Thrun


Thorne, Quebec Firefighters


Greg Bretzlaff

Rick Leders

Daniel Kluke

Wayne Dunlop

Sonya Rivington

Serge Lance

Stefan Schuler

Andrew Turcotte

Steven Dubeau

Shawn Kluke

Joey Smith

Daniel Pash

Dave Alexander

Dwight Prophet

Conner Turcotte



With the new requirements legislated by our provincial government, further support of municipal council and the ratepayers for Thorne will be needed to enable us to conform to these new laws.


Fires are allowed if they have a contained unit with screen cover. If 911 services are called and the Fire Department is dispatched out to your residence, the ratepayer will be fined if it is an open fire.

 The use of 911 is the only way to guaranty an efficient response to any fire emergency. I encourage you to be vigilant in this matter. Also I remind you to make sure that all civic number signs on your property are visible at all times. This makes it much easier for emergency services to find you.


Fire Safety Sign

Fire Danger

Sopfeu website in South-West Area (Pontiac)




When it comes to using cellular phones with (613) area code it will automatically be transfer to the 911 services in Ontario, if you are reporting an emergency in the province of Quebec with you cellular phone, please call 819-310 4141 or * 4141.


Fire detectors should be installed in all rooms of your home or cottage and remember to replace the batteries twice a year. We recommend you change your batteries when time changes in the fall and in the spring. The cost of a battery is not worth the life of a loved one.  In the next five years 2012-2017 each property in Thorne will be visited by a fireman to inspect the smoke detectors. It is recommended to change the smoke detectors after 10 years.