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Important NoticeMessage from the Thorne Interim Fire Chief  


Building Permits and Zoning and Planning

Before any building, renovation or new construction project may be started within the boundaries of the Municipality of Thorne, it must conform to the zoning by-laws of our municipality. A building permit is required for all construction and renovations on your property both indoors and out. Apply for the building permit at least 30 days prior to the start date of your project. No construction (this means any type of work including the cutting of trees or shrubs or putting sand on the beach) of any kind is to take place within 50 feet from the high water mark of a lake or watercourse. This 50 foot strip must remain in its original state. Failure to comply with this law will result in punitive action. This applies to all residents of Thorne.


Further clarification and information on these bylaws can by obtained by e-mail, phone, fax or in person during business hours.

By-law Enforcement Officer

Telephone: 647-3206             
Fax: 647-2086
E-Mail: bylaw.thorne@mrcpontiac.qc.ca


Annual Budget - 01-2018


Regulation on the extension of the powers and duties of the Director General


Establishing the fire safety service of the Municipality of Thorne

Billing of household waste

Code of Ethics and professional conduct for elected Municipal Officers


Code of Ethics and professional conduct for Municipal employees

Flea markets

Off-road vehicles

Open fires (271-2021

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Septic system

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Residential swimming pool safety in Quebec


SQ Municipal Security By-Law 2011



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